NDA govt released more funds than UPA to Karnataka, says Amit Shah

10 Jan 2018 6:20 PM | General
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Bengaluru: BJP Head Amit Shah argued that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by the BJP had released more fund to Karnataka compared to previous UPA government of Congress. However, the money didn’t reach the villages, he said.

In an attack against Siddaramaiah government of the state, during the BJP Parivarthana Samavesha here in Holalkere of Chitradurga on Wednesday, he asked the public if they had got the fund released by the Narendra Modi government and then sent on to ask the Chief Minister regarding the utilization of funds.

According to Amit Shah, during the UPA regime, Karnataka got Rs. 88,583 crore from the Central government, but during the Modi government Karnataka got Rs.2,19,506 crores. "If it has not reached the villages, that must have gone to the pockets of Congress leaders. They have cheated public," he said.The development is standstill in Karnataka because of the corrupt Congress government, he alleged.

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