Infinix Hot 6 Pro: A budget alternative to the Redmi

13 Jul 2018 11:57 AM | Technology
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Unlike previous years, there isn't any shortage of good smartphones these days. If you have a reasonable budget, there is always one waiting for you on the shelf. The budget segment, the major driving force in developing markets, is where all the race begins — a race of who can pack the most of it all into a budget price.

Design, Build
The Hot 6 Pro seems to share some DNA with its sibling, Hot S3. Indeed, Infinix has outfitted the Hot 6 Pro in the latest trend, with a tall 'FullView' screen, trimmed bezels, and dual-cameras for better photography. The smartphone is using a good quality plastic with a soft matte finish exterior. It's nothing we have not seen before, but this one is built well and the phone rests comfortably in the palm. Flip it around and you shall see two cameras with a dual LED flash. One of the best design traits of the 6 Pro is the dual rear camera module which is flush against the body with almost no visible ugly camera bump.

The 5.99-inch FullView is the 6 Pro's main USP. Infinix incorporates a taller 18:9 display, allowing a more screen real estate that helps for multimedia consumption. The 2.5D glass that sits on the rear panel with a slight elevation, helps with its good looks. The curve gives the phone an additional grip and handling comfort.

The device employs an older Snapdragon 425 chipset. However, the 6 Pro performs decently well in comparison. The smartphone is capable of handling everyday tasks such as social media and web surfing, calls, video streaming and casual gaming. However, we found the device stuttering a bit when multi-tasking between apps and also at times whilst launching certain apps. Resource-intensive games are a strict no-no. Antutu and GeekBench 4 benchmarking tests spewed average results with Antutu resulting in 45085 and GeekBench 4 gave us a single-core/multi-core score of 670 and 1805 respectively. The Hot 6 Pro holds 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

For an entry-level smartphone, it does take pretty decent photographs for usual social media shares. The 6 Pro houses a 13MP+2MP dual rear camera setup, assisted with a dual LED flash. In broad daylight, the photos tend to get overexposed and details take a toss. The sharpness is average, though it gets a mixed review. However, the camera does manage to quickly lock focus on a subject. In low light conditions, focus takes a while longer to lock on; and once it does, a considerable amount of noise is visible. Details get a bit fuzzy too. We would not recommend using the camera for night photography unless you have a good light source. However, the LED flash can help capture better pictures in dark conditions.

The Hot 6 Pro is equipped with a huge 4000mAh power pack, which is another USP of the phone. With moderate usage, the device can easily last around 1.5 days. The large battery takes a while to top up — around 3 hours on average.

As stated, the main proposition point with Infinix Hot 6 Pro is its massive display and a big battery. The 6 Pro isn’t the most powerful device out there but has capable hardware that gets the job done. The dual cameras appear strictly average but are good enough for casual photography. With a decent hardware, tall display, long-running battery and good looks, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro surely get a thumbs up from us to those seeking a good budget device under Rs 8K.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle