4 ways to track owner of lost and protected iPhone

10 Jul 2018 6:25 PM | Technology
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iPhones are known to be the most secured phones you can buy in the market today. Malware and unauthorised downloads get no access to the iPhone which is why it is least vulnerable to any harm that could be caused to its software.

The higher the security it possesses, the more difficult it is for a person to access the phone's data, if one doesn't know the security password or pin. All of that is thanks to the highly protected ecosystem designed by App. This secured software could be a problem at times when a person wants to access the phone's data, even for a good cause. Yes, we are talking about a situation when someone finds a lost iPhone and wishes to return it to its authorised owner.

The simplest and non-technical way to return the iPhone to its owner is to directly visit the nearest police station and give them the phone. With the help of a minor investigation, they can track down the real owner and give it back. Or, you can also visit the Apple Store where they can fetch the details of the owner through its IMUI. However, if you want to hand it over directly to its owner and wish to get a big thank you along with a big grin in return, here are 4 possible ways to acquire details of the owner of a lost iPhone you have in your possession.

1. The first and easiest way is just to leave the iPhone ON and let Find My iPhone do its task. Find My iPhone is an exclusive feature from Apple which helps the owner track the misplaced or lost iPhone. However, this feature needs the internet connection to be activated. Thus, if the internet is connected on the iPhone and the owner may have had the Find My iPhone feature operational, he/she will be able to track the location of the device.

2. The next possible step could be to remove the SIM card and insert it into another device. This could be helpful only if the SIM card is not locked with the help of a password. If not, then you can insert it into another device and contact a related person whose number may have been saved on the card.

3. If both of the above ways don't help, you can try getting help from Siri. The iPhone's very own digital assistant could aid in finding the owner. You can ask Siri about the information of the owner which the assistant can answer if the owner has had it fed on the phone. Moreover, you can also ask Siri to call a relative such as an uncle, mom or dad. This technique works only if you get the iPhone when it is ON. While restarting, iPhone asks for the password and Siri works only after it is entered.

4. The last way could be to check for an emergency medical id, if the owner may have provided any. For accessing the medical id, you need to click on the Emergency option which you can find on the password screen. After doing so, you will see the medical id option which will reveal the owner's information.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle