Not Virat Kohli, Pakistan's Mohammad Amir reveals the toughest batsman in current era

06 Jul 2018 4:04 PM | Sports
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Mumbai: Virat Kohli has made his admiration clear for Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir for quite sometime in the past. Hailing from two nations who share bitter ties, on and off the field, the duo never fail to appreciate one another in the public eye. The Team India skipper in the past termed the left-arm pacer as one of the toughest bowlers he has faced in his entire career.

Amir returned the favour by labelling Kohli as the best batsman over the likes of Steve Smith, Joe Root and Kane Williamson. However, recently, Amir revealed that former Australia captain Steve Smith is the toughest batsman to bowl to in a rapid-fire interview with ESPNCricinfo. He also answered a host of questions relating to Kohli, Shahid Kapoor and Bollywood.

Who is your favourite sportsman outside cricket?
I like Sergio Aguero.

If you could win a trophy in a sport other than cricket, what would it be?

If a movie is made about you, who would you like to play that role?
Shahid Kapoor

One record you will love to have?
Three hat-tricks across all formats.

How do you like to kill time?
I prefer watching movies in the hotel.

Which cricketer has the best hairstyle?
I like my hairstyle a lot but if I have to pick one, it would be Shahid Afridi’s hairstyle.

If you could bowl to one player from history, who would it be and why?
Brain Lara because I feel he was the toughest batsman to bowl at in that era.

Which workout do you find the most boring?

If you could have been reborn, who would you like to be born as?
Mohammad Amir

What is the latest Bollywood movie you have watched?

Which is your favourite cricket ground around the world?
My favourite ground is The Oval because I have a lot of memories on that ground.

What is that one rule you would like to change in cricket?
I would scrap the free-hit off no-balls.

What is more difficult - fatherhood or bowling to Virat Kohli?
Fatherhood, it demands a lot of responsibilities.

If you could play a prank on one of your teammates, who would you pick?
Lendl Simmons who is a part of Karachi Kings because I feel he is very funny and plays pranks on him.

What is the first thing you put in your suitcase when you pack for a tour?
I first keep Spikes in my touring bag.

Do you idolise anyone outside cricket?
I like people who have fought against the odds and have achieved something. For example, Stephen Hawking inspired me a lot.

How different are Pakistani fans from others?
Pakistan fans are crazy about cricket.

Who would be that one bowler you would want face while batting?
I would like to face Mitchell Starc.

What is that one shot you don’t like being played against you?
I hate when a batsman plays the pull shot.