Set your house in order first: Dinesh Gundurao to Arun Jaitley

17 Jul 2018 9:54 AM | Politics
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BENGALURU: In a hard-hitting reply to Union minister Arun Jaitley’s post on CM  H.D. Kumaraswamy’s emotional outburst, KPCC president Dinesh Gundurao on Monday said the BJP leader should look into his party’s efforts to strike 'unholy alliances' with incompatible allies before calling the Congress-JD (S) coalition as 'opportunist.'

He told the media here: “Before commenting on JD (S)-Congress alliance, Mr Jaitley should look into his party's backyard. What was the ideological compulsion of BJP to form a government with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir? Was it not an unholy alliance with incompatible partners? Was it not an opportunist attempt by BJP?” He questioned BJP's “desperation” to form governments in Goa and north-eastern states by striking “unholy alliances” with respective local parties. “So where is the moral high ground Jaitley is talking about?” On Mr Kumaraswamy's emotional outburst, Mr Rao said it is a human expression of anguish against BJP’s ‘negative politics’, which revolves around communalism. Besides, the CM did not say anything against the coalition partner.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle