Rahul Gandhi takes swipe at PM Modi over surge of Indian deposits in Swiss banks

29 Jun 2018 5:31 PM | Politics
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New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday took a swipe at the Modi over government's inability to win the fight against black money. 

Taking to twitter, Rahul wrore: 2014, HE said: I will bring back all the "BLACK" money in Swiss Banks & put 15 Lakhs in each Indian bank A/C. 2016, HE said: Demonetisation will cure India of "BLACK" money. 2018, HE says: 50% jump in Swiss Bank deposits by Indians, is "WHITE" money. No "BLACK" in Swiss Banks!". His reaction comes shortly after Union Minister Piyush Goyal said that India will get all data on black money from Switzerland by the end of fiscal 2019. "Agreement between India and Switzerland has this. From January 1, 2018 till end of accounting year (ends March 31, 2019), all data will be made available. Why assume this is black money or illegal transactions?" Goyal said," referring to the report.

The latest data released by the Swiss National Bank reveal that the amount deposited by Indians in the Swiss banks in the past one year has increased by 50 per cent. Indian money in Swiss banks had fallen by 45 per cent in 2016, marking their biggest ever yearly plunge, to 676 million Swiss francs (Rs. 4,500 crore) -- the lowest ever since Switzerland began making the data public in 1987. In November 2016, the government had withdrawn high-value currency notes from circulation overnight. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said demonetisation would wipe out black money from the system. The rupee has also been under severe stress. On Thursday, it breached the 69-mark against the US dollar for the first time, ending the day at an all-time low of 68.79. 

Courtesy: oneindia