Why Your Child Should Be Drinking Goat Milk Instead Of Cow Milk!!

09 Jul 2018 6:04 PM | Health
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Milk is synonymous with cow milk for most of us. You would've grown up drinking cow milk and you'll expect the same out of your kids too. Although cow milk is very beneficial, you'll find that goat milk has much more than what cow milk can offer. So, if you've been wondering about why everyone's been raving about goat milk, here is why.

1. Easily digestible Since the fat globules present in goat milk are smaller, it is easier to digest. After you drink goat milk, it reaches your stomach to form soft curd that is less irritating for the stomach when compared to cow milk. If you find that your child has difficulty digesting cow milk, you can try goat milk and see if it's better.

2. High in calcium Now we all know that cow milk is high in calcium and makes your bones stronger. But, did you know that the calcium in cow milk only accounts for 28% of the daily recommended value whereas goat milk provides 33%? It is also very low in fatty acids which helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

3. Better absorption of vitamins and minerals Although both cow milk and goat milk rank the same in the nutritional content, the nutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium that are present in goat's milk are easier to digest and absorb. This is very effective to treat people suffering from anaemia (Iron deficiency) and bone demineralization.

4. High in vitamin A The moisturizing qualities of fatty acids and triglycerides in goat milk help in keeping your skin baby soft and healthy. Because of the high levels of vitamin A, it fights pimples and improves the complexion of the skin.

5. Less allergenic proteins Cow milk contains more than 20 allergens which can trigger abdominal cramping, hives, runny nose and much more in kids, but parents usually ignore them or do not think of cow milk as the culprit. A1 casein (an allergen present in cow milk) is a highly inflammatory protein which can contribute to various gastrointestinal disorders. Goat's milk, on the other hand, has a A2 casein which makes it the only one that comes close to breast milk, protein wise.

Goat milk is not extensively used in India because of the availability problem and it might be hard for you to let go of cow's milk that you've been using since as long as you can remember. But every chance you get to provide your child with goat milk, do it. They might not take to the taste and the smell immediately, but its worth a shot.

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