Curd for good gut bacteria, here’s how it helps improve your immune system

05 Jul 2018 11:34 AM | Health
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Most of the bacteria in our bodies reside in our intestines. Known as gut microbiota, these little guys are responsible for keeping our gut healthy and happy. For long, medical researchers have been studying the impact of gut bacteria in maintaining good health. Now, a recent research has revealed how good bacteria can help the gut stay healthy.

The study shows that good bacteria, or the microbiota, interact with both the epithelial cells lining the gut and cells of the immune system to help balance the immune responses and protect the gut from unwanted inflammation. The study suggests that manipulating the microbiota to limit intestinal immune responses could have potential therapeutic benefits for conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. “A significant body of work currently indicates that the microbiota shapes the immune system and helps it to do its job,” said corresponding author Dr. Gretchen Diehl.

According to another recent research, a combination of vegetables like broccoli and good bacteria in our gut can help kill colorectal cancer. Further, the probiotics-veggie combination also reduced tumour numbers by 75% in mice with colorectal cancer. These probiotics could be used as prevention and to clean up the cancer cells remaining after surgical removal of tumours, the researchers said. And the only way to introduce good bacteria in our body is through food. Here’s a list of things you should do to keep your gut healthy.

Eat different kinds of foods
When you introduce a diverse microbiota in your gut, it leads to better health. Cut down on fats and sugar and introduce healthy fruits, vegetables and good fats.

Eat fermented food
Indian food is full of dishes made using fermentation, so load up on those. Think idlis, dosa, dhoka, curd among other things.

Breastfeed baby for at least 6 months
Breastfed babies have a better concentration of microbiota in their gut.

Courtesy: Hindustantimes