Diet mistakes may make you to gain weight, check here for details

08 Jun 2018 2:16 PM | Health
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If you are in a bid to lose weight, eating right, exercising for at least 30 minutes, sleeping on time, keeping hydrated are some things you need to ensure in order to cut down on your flab. There is no denying the fact that once you know your diet plan, you must follow it strictly to achieve your goals.

However, there are times when you are not able to lose weight despite changing your lifestyle in a healthy way. Let us tell you some diet mistakes that you may not realise you are making that is not helping you in any way.

Diet mistakes you are making that is stopping you from losing weight
1. Starving yourself
Your diet plan should be such that you eat at least five times a day in a healthy way. If you are starving yourself to shed kilos, then you may be wrong. Starving makes you want to eat more or over-eat, which further ups the risk of obesity. Never starve yourself, instead ensure adding essential nutrients in your diet to lose weight in a healthy way.

2. Having a light breakfast
Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day for a reason. However, generally we are in a rush to leave for office or college, which makes us forget about eating breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to cravings through the day and overeating. Therefore, have a protein rich filling breakfast.

3. Not eating enough vegetables
Vegetables are low-calorie, nutrient dense alternatives to other foods. They are super nutritious and healthy; therefore, it becomes important to add them in your daily diet.

4. Your diet lacks enough protein
Not including proteins can totally slow down your metabolism. Protein is responsible for stimulating the thermic effect of food, which means that the body burns more energy processing dietary protein than it does carbohydrates and fats.

5. You are not practising portion control
While it is advised to eat everything even if you want to lose weight, it is the portion control that needs to be kept in mind. This goes for healthy counterparts too; just because some food groups are healthy, doesn't mean you load up on them. Make sure you know you calorie count and accordingly control you portion in an effective way.

6. You are not drinking enough water
Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to ensure a speedy metabolism rate and a good digestive system. Always ensure drinking at least four glasses of water first thing in the morning to ensure a healthy gut system. Make sure you do not commit these dieting mistakes, which are not helping you in anyway. Lose weight in a healthy way.

Courtesy: NDTV