Urge MPs, parties to ask sharpest of questions in Parliament, but should allow govt to respond: PM

20 Jul 2021 11:06 AM | General
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Prime Minster Narendra Modi on Monday urged MPs and political parties to ask the sharpest and toughest of questions to the government in the Monsoon session of Parliament, asserting that the government should also be allowed to respond to them

Speaking with reporters ahead of the start of the session, Modi said he wants meaningful discussions in Parliament over the Covid pandemic which has gripped the entire world
Modi said he has urged all floor leaders to take some time out on Tuesday evening when he would like to give them detailed information on the pandemic
"We want discussion inside Parliament as well as outside it with floor leaders on Covid pandemic," he said
Modi said the government is ready to give the answers that the people of the country want
"I urge all MPs and political parties to ask the sharpest and the toughest of questions but they should also allow the government to respond in a cordial environment as democracy is strengthened by conveying the truth to the people," Modi said
It increases the trust of the people and improves the pace of development, he added.

Courtesy: PTI