Your WhatsApp group admin can now block you from messaging

30 Jun 2018 5:32 PM | General
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WhatsApp groups act as a chit-chat junction for uncountable people across the globe which often results in some members wreaking a havoc, unnecessarily. With the array of updates rolling out for WhatsApp frequently, the messenger developers have now addressed this issue by allowing group admins to have a control over who can send the messages in the group.

The new feature has been added in the 'Group Settings' section where the admin can see the option of ‘Send Messages’ where he/she can allow either ‘Only Admin’ or ‘All Group Members’ to send messages. The members will receive notification regarding the changes executed in the group's settings. For now, this new option has been made available on Android WhatsApp beta version 2.18.201 and iOS stable version 2.18.70 along with Windows phones. The new functionality raises the bar of the extent of control group admins can have. The messenger is gradually moving towards providing people more commerce-oriented facilities as many business owners are focussed on trading through WhatsApp. This makes it necessary to allow only a limited number of people to send messages in the groups.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle