Having more than two children are at a higher risk of heart attack for Women's

04 Jun 2018 3:57 PM | General
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Parenthood is an important experience for many people across the globe and it can also be very demanding. Pregnancy and childbirth can put a woman under a lot of stress and it may take a toll on their health too.

Research suggests that having more children puts women at a higher risk of heart attack, stroke and heart failure. Those with five or more children are 40 percent more likely to have a serious heart attack in the next 30 years as compared to women with one or two children.

While pregnancy and labour put strain on the heart, raising children can be stressful and can stop women from paying attention to their health. Women who have had miscarriages have 60 percent higher risk of heart disease. Although previous research has claimed that breastfeeding can protect against heart disease, this study found that it has no effect on heart health.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle