6 steps to lose weight and still drink wine

02 Jun 2018 2:18 PM | General
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It turns out that you can actually lose weight and still enjoy a glass of wine. While there are limits to how much you can binge drink and eat at the same time, it is not completely improbable. Instead of writing off social events, one has to be mindful of what they drink. Chugging down a whole bottle of wine and chowing down on a burger afterwards maybe not the right way to go.

Talking to MailOnline, nutritionist Robin Swinkels, of Fresh Fitness Food, explained her six ways to stay fit and drink alcohol.

Mindful drinking: Be mindful of what you are drinking and anticipate what you'll be having throughout the day so you can make it fit with your calories.

Don't deny yourself: Drink what you enjoy, not what has less calories. Try quenching a craving with something that you actually crave. Anything else will only leave you craving more.

Exercise: The body needs a certain around to function every day and to lose weight you need to cut back on those calories. To ensure you are still in a calorie deficit by extending your workouts to ramp up your energy expenditure

Meal prep: Having a healthy snack prepared for when you get home can stop you reaching for junk food.

'Hydro-booze': Alcohol dehydrates you. Have a glass of water between each glass of tipple. It helps slow down how much you are drinking and help prevent an awful hangover the next morning.

It's OK to say no: Choosing not to drink when you meet your friends isn't a bad thing.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle