Tom Parker facing memory loss amid terminal brain tumour treatment

22 Dec 2020 11:03 AM | Entertainment
255 Report

The Wanted frontman Tom Parker has revealed he is experiencing memory loss after undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for his inoperable brain tumour.

The 32-year-old singer, best known for being the lead vocalist of the British-Irish boy band The Wanted, announced his grade four glioblastoma tumour diagnosis in October.
In a video on his Instagram Stories on Sunday, Parker said he is forgetting things he has "just done" as a result of the treatment.
"As some of you know, I have been through chemo and radio, haven't I? Which was pretty god-damn brutal, but some of the side effects from the chemo and radio are you get bad memory loss," he said.
The singer, who shares 17-months-old daughter Aurelia and two-months-old son Bodhi with wife, TV personality Kelsey Hardwick, said while he struggles to remember the events of the day, he doesn't forget presents for their elder child.
"But it's the weirdest thing because like, I'll go to (Hardwicke), 'What did I just do?' But I can remember stuff like this..." he added.
Last weekend, the couple celebrated their 11-year anniversary.
Parker rose to fame as part of The Wanted, a five-member music group, whose hits include "All Time Low" and "Heart Vacancy."
The band, which also includes Max George, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Sykes, and Siva Kaneswaran, is on indefinite hiatus since 2014 in order to pursue solo projects.

Courtesy: PTI