Tate Donovan joins Melissa Leo in 'Blood Relative'

20 Feb 2020 1:46 PM | Entertainment
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"Rocketman" actor Tate Donovan is set to star opposite Melissa Leo in Fox's drama pilot "Blood Relative".

According to Deadline, Donovan will play John, brother to Leo's character, Louise Kelly who is an expert in genetic genealogy.
The series is based on "Beyond the Jungle of Bad: The True Story of Two Women from California Who Are Solving All the Mysteries," a 2018 article by James Renner.
Sarcastic and confrontational, Louise (Leo) is the smartest person in the room, who only spares her little brother John (Donovan).
As the sister-brother duo work together to solve the toughest cases they discover secrets from their past which start to come to the surface, threatening their relationship and their father's legacy as a respected lieutenant, community leader and all around good guy.
Chris Levinson and Renner will write and executive produce "Blood Relative".
Phillip Noyce will direct the pilot and executive produce.
Renner's article revolves around Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick and Dr Margaret Press, who have combined their genealogy expertise to push the boundaries of forensic science and help law enforcement identify Joe and Jane Does and track down serial killers.

Courtesy: PTI