'Love Aaj Kal' is a franchisable idea: Imtiaz Ali

18 Jan 2020 2:22 PM | Entertainment
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Director Imtiaz Ali on Friday teased that he could turn his upcoming film "Love Aaj Kal" into a franchise if he finds a new story to tell in the future.

The film is a follow-up to Imtiaz's 2009 movie, featuring Saif Ali Khan. The new film with Kartik Aaryan and Saif's daughter Sara Ali Khan also explores two stories set in different time periods.
At the trailer launch of the film, Imtiaz explained the rationale behind keeping the title of the new film same as its predecessor.
"I feel this is franchisable idea. I have made two films with the same title because after ten years, the basis on which I made the earlier film has changed. I am getting the opportunity to say it in a newer way.
"If we think we can maybe take it ahead in the future after a few years, if the process of the relationship (has evolved) and if there is something new to tell, a new story, then we will try to say it," Imtiaz told reporters here.
The follow-up, which also features Randeep Hooda and debutante Arushi Sharma, will be set in 1990 and 2020.
Imtiaz said he maybe still searching for answers about the relevance of love, he is aware of its power.
"I don't know what the relevance of love is but everything in universe moves because of it. Love turns the universe around. I am at a certain age or when I was younger, I feel everybody goes through the same cycle. They have the same questions in their minds and you have knowledge of when and how it was when you were at that age. But it is not easy to say it and for somebody to follow it and correct your life.
"In some sort, it is my way of saying it to the younger generation what I understand about this question that you asked me at this age. Not that I can tell them what to do but I can show them who I am," the filmmaker said.
Imtiaz also believes that the definition of love has certainly changed a lot in recent years.
"The relationship that now happens is different from what it used to be. So 'Love Aaj Kal' comes. Things are fast moving. But the reason why a boy and girl come together hasn't changed," he added.
The director, who originally hails from Jamshedpur, said it makes him extremely happy to be able to tell the stories that he wants to.
"I come from a place where my tastes are common. What you call commercial, I don't have to work towards it, it is there within me. I am here to tell a good story," he adds.
"Love Aaj Kal" is scheduled to be released on February 14.

Courtesy: PTI