I'm constantly having to override my fear: Sandra Bullock on motherhood

29 Dec 2018 8:22 AM | Entertainment
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Hollywood star Sandra Bullock says she 'constantly has to override' her fears about her children as she gets panicked a lot when it comes to their safety.

The 54-year-old actor, who has eight-year-old Louis and six-year-old Laila, said she gets scared when she has to give a certain level of freedom to her kids. 
"You get so good at saying no and you're so panicked about everything. You literally have to stop and say, 'Why did I just say no? Why don't we just play hooky from school one day and just go enjoy life?' I'm constantly having to override my fear," Bullock told People magazine. 
The actor previously revealed she can be 'a little neurotic' when it comes to her kids, as the current state of the world leaves her 'afraid every day' of what might happen to her children whilst they are at school.

Courtesy: PTI