10 times birthday boy Ranveer Singh was the definition of extra

06 Jul 2018 9:51 AM | Entertainment
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Bollywood star Ranveer Singh turns 33 on Friday, which roughly translates into 33 years of more laughter, fun and weirdness on this planet. The actor is the definition of being extra and makes everyone burst into crackling laughter every time he posts a hilarious new video.

In the few years that we have known him, he has given us not only great performances on screen but also kept us highly entertained with his antics off it. He posts the funniest videos with his co-stars, leaving the most lol-worthy comments on his girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s Instagram photos, tickles us with his peculiar choice in fashion and so much more.

Here are 10 things that he does/did to be crowned the king of all this ‘extra’ but still so adorable heartwarming.

When he was a one-man flash mob
Ranveer was challenged by Hrithik Roshan to dance in the middle of a busy Mumbai street and he did just that and more. He wore the leathery black costume from Krrish and danced to Hrithik’s hit song, Main Aisa Kyun Hu while an angry traffic constable watched and confused spectators tried to guess who he is.

When he was the Chuppa Rustom to Akshay Kumar’s Rustom
To promote Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, Ranveer gave the grooviest performance to ‘Zeher Hai Ki Pyaar Hai Tera Chumma’. It was quite poisonous indeed.

When in the Alps, do an SRK
While on a promotional trip to Switzerland, Ranveer enacted the entire beginning portion of Tu Mere Saamne from Darr. Printed red shirt, snowy mountains and a lady’s hand included.

Ranveer is a big fan of Freddie Mercury, Charlie Chaplin and ... Taher Shah?
Sorry for using all these names in the same sentence.

A stunning choice in fashion
Nothing but the best for Ranveer Singh.

Gassing Deepika Padukone like there is no tomorrow
These are just a few comments left by Ranveer on rumoured girlfriend Deepika’s pictures. While Deepika rarely makes an appearance on Ranveer’s posts, he is seen in her comments section all the time..

Setting the dance floor on fire at weddings
All of these clips are only from Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. Only one wedding.

Random pucchis
Ranveer is all about spreading the love.

The baby pics
Woke since day 1.

Others are in on it too
He brings out the best in everyone. Happy birthday Ranveer!

Courtesy: Hindustantimes