Bengaluru’s richest candidate worth Rs 1,020 crore, poorest Rs 54.90 lakh 

04 May 2018 2:40 PM | Bengaluru
907 Report

The real estate lobby in Karnataka is the strongest in this Karnataka election. Karnataka has seen several lobbies in the past and while most of them have faded out the real estate lobby plays a big part today. The real estate lobby is a dominant one in Bengaluru urban and rural.

If one looks at the choice of candidates, all parties have given tickets to those from the real estate lobby or those connected to it. There are 28 constituencies that fall under Bengaluru urban for which the contest is between 82 candidates. Out of the 82 candidates, at least 13 have declared assets worth over Rs 100 crore. The richest candidate is Priya Krishna, who has declared assets worth Rs ,1020 crore. His father M Krishnappa is part of the very power real estate lobby.

The father has declared assets worth Rs 235 crore. Nandish Reddy and Uday Garudachar, both realtors too are in the Rs 100 crore club. The two BJP candidates have declared assets worth Rs 303 and Rs 190 crore respectively. The JD(S) too has relied heavily on the real estate lobby. K Bage Gowda, a realtor contesting the Basavangudi seat has declared assets worth Rs 320 crore. In the Congress list of candidates the poorest candidate is Sowmy Reddy who is the daughter of home minister, Ramalinga Reddy. She has declared assets worth Rs 54.90 lakh while her father says his assets are worth Rs 66.16 crore.

Courtesy: oneindia